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SBGs Elite Colorist Live Color Grading Course

SBGs Elite Colorist Live Color Grading Course

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This isn't an online classroom where you just sit and listen to me talk. You are able to communicate through your mic and ask questions! But it doesn't just stop there: the best part of all is that your able to work on the examples in class with me live by taking control of my screen! We all learn differently! It doesn't matter if your strength is learning by lecture, or learning visually, you're learning style will be catered to! 



This isn't your average one-size fits all online course that you download. I am showing up to each and every class just for you. This isn't an passive way for me to teach you from a pre-recorded class that may be confusing in the end. Live instruction insures that if you're confused, you can stop me at anytime and ask for clarification. You can "stay after class" to ask me any additional questions you may have. I'm here to help you. 


During your participation over the course of the month, you will be attending 8 classes in total. We start by going over every tool you will be using in DaVinci Resolve: exploring the practical application of each. From there we dive into basic log correction, and work our way up to cinematic looks, advanced workflows, working with RAW footage, the ACES workflow, and much more!



We've established that this is a live class; however, this class serves people from across the world in different timezones! Because life comes up, and scheduling conflicts are inevitable, playbacks of every single class are made available next day! This ensures that you not only never miss a class, but also are able to review classes whenever needed. Additionally, you get access to an exclusive Facebook Group! This means easier access to me, and a growing group of students to rely on.



This isn't like high-school and college where you walk into class blind and end up overwhelmed. When you sign enroll, you get instant access to introduction videos for each class! This allows you to get an idea of what to expect in each class so you can come prepared with questions and a familiarity to class material. 



To supplement what you've learned in class, you will have 1 weekly homework assignment and 1 weekly quiz that will contribute to your grade in the class. Don't worry, I'm not that teacher that tests you on something you don't know. This is my way of gauging how you are progressing in the class so I can change up my style when and if you need extra assistance! Upon graduation, you'll receive a certificate of completion!

Tutorials Include:

-Advanced White balance

-The Key To Perfect Skin Tones

-The Key To The Curves Tool

-Understanding The Color Wheels & Primary Bars

-Advanced ACES Workflow

-The Proper Lut Workflow 

-Advanced Node Workflows

-Split Complementary Color Grades

-Triadic Color Grades 

-Understanding Scopes & Wave forms

-Raw Workflow 

-A Simpler Way To Grade Log Footage

-Monochrome Exposure Mapping 


Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to add high end color color techniques to their film projects and take their colorist skills to the next level.

What happens after purchase?

You will instantly receive a download link with the Pre-Live Course Content.  This content is designed to get you ready for the month long live course.

In The Next 24 Hours After Purchase, you will receive an email with your set class start date and registration details. 


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The world of buying resources online is a stressful one because you never know what you're going to get. Here at Shop SBG, all product products are designed to live up to the scrutiny of perfectionist. Because I am one.


Commonly Asked Questions

  • Supported Cameras & Profiles

    All resources, unless otherwise specified in the title, are designed to work with all cameras. LUTs are specifically designed to work with LOG footage. If log is not possible, then shooting in a FLAT profile works as well. Presets are designed to work RAW photo's however with adjusting can work with JPEGs.

    If there happens to be a camera out there that isn't supported,  then contact our team and we will have solution within 24hrs.

  • Supported Programs


    All LUTs are designed in the Industry Standard DaVinci Resolve for maximum performance with respect to color. However, as long as your program supports the use of lets, and color tools, then you will be able to use these LUTs!

    All presets are designed to be used in the latest versions of Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Lightroom CC & Adobe Camera Raw.

  • Product Updates

    Always improving in our core standard. Periodically products receive updates, and sometimes even additions for free. Always keep an eye on your email.